Play Date

Creative Direction, Branding, Packaging, Photography

Breaking the brand mold to create a playful label for the brewery's first sour beer.



When Deep Ellum Brewing decided to release their first sour beer, we knew that the branding had to stray away from the grungy textures of their other more traditional styles.

Inspired by the brewer's reminiscing notes of a first kiss and the beer's name — a play on a unique ingredient, the medjool date — we created a playful and somewhat suggestive motif. The tongue playfully licking its top lip also hints at the tingly feeling from drinking a sour beer.


The branding and beer were very well received and were a standout success in the brewery's portfolio. After initially teasing a fake can design for an April Fool's post, and upsetting many eager fans, Play Date was moved from seasonal bottles to year-round cans the following year.


DACHA Studio
1833 S Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60608

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